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Conditions before buy

I Will respect the copyright of this course.

All rights reserved in this document and in the information contained therein. Strictly forbidden its total or partial reproduction by any digital means, software, mechanic or other, as well as distribution and Commercial use or other objective.

The identity data, professional data, job offers data or other data that I have given are true.

The Training test is optional, you can choose to do it or not.

The Certificate Training is optional, You can download the certificate and print once the test has been passed, if you did not pass it, you can repeat it if you wish.

The Certificate only certifies Training approved and not another, We are not responsible for other application.

Modules A, B, C are free and I accept them as a sample of the course in order to make the
decision to buy it or not to buy the Training.

This Training is only proposal, We are not responsible for your application.

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